The Most Holy Basic D&D Sandbox Campaign

Quinn's Chronicles #1

My name is Quinn, but of course that could be a pseudonym. One can’t be too careful after all. Myself and several others- a fighter named Aries Baldomar, a dwarf named Belfor, and someone named Randy DeKlaw whose only skill was climbing trees, and he wasn’t even very good at that, heard a rumor about fabulous magic treasure hidden buried in a nearby enchanted forest. The details were not very clear, but it was supposedly a potion of immortality or something. Supposedly, whoever drinks it can defy death itself one time, but the user has to be alive at the time that they drink it. So, I guess it can’t be used to bring the dead to life, and I suppose you can’t use it to destroy undead. Still, it’s definitely something worth seeking out, especially if there’s more than one dose. So, I lent my prodigious magical might to safeguard those others as we went to hunt for for the buried treasure some days away.

Going through the woods, we learned there was a toll for passage from my distant kin within, however, my knowledge of our shared fae nature and ample persuasive abilities determined that a simple song is sufficient payment. Naturally, I was the only one with any culture and refinement, and so it was left to my excellent musicianship to provide one. Of course, it was more than enough, and we were all allowed to pass through safely. Randy joined us moments later, as he had been busy trying to hide in the tree he had climbed.

We were also challenged by a rampaging boar. I think the fighter and dwarf stood paralyzed in fear, since they didn’t do a thing. Randy climbed a tree. And so, it was left to me to bring the beast down with a single spell. Easy peasy.

Off we went, and encountered a goblin warband. This time, it was not left to me alone. Aries charged them and was promptly brought down with arrows. Belfor also charged and brought down a goblin. Randy climbed a tree, but fell out of it. Another goblin showed, riding a dire wolf, charging us. Again, it was left to me to bring down the wolf and the goblin rider both. I’m pretty certain Randy climbed another tree. I like trees, but this Randy guy, he really loves trees, if you know what I mean. He better hope the next isn’t a treant or that a druid isn’t watching. Anyway, after my spell, there was about one goblin left, it took down the dwarf, then it went down. I bandaged the dwarf and fighter, Randy put his breeches back on and came out from behind a tree, and we proceeded on.

Time was short at this point. We were running out of food and the two meat shields were dangerously close to death, so we really didn’t have long to search. Fortunately, we did find a buried treasure, but not the one we were searching for. We found some stupid magic sword or something, but the potion of immortality was not found yet. Since the others were so dangerously wounded at that point from either goblin weapons or bark burn, it was voted to return to town and heal and perhaps try again another day.

We returned taking a different route, since we weren’t ready for more goblins. However, one night at camp a few very well armed and armored orcs showed up. I put them all to sleep before that could approach too closely, and we spent the rest of the night undisturbed and made it back to town a day or two later.

I plan on going back to search for the potion as soon as I can if another group doesn’t find it before I can do so. But in the meantime, while I’m still in town, let it be known I’m willing to cast detect magic or translate any writing, magical or mundane, that you might have at a fraction of the cost the `establishment’ here charges. Just look me up in the tavern. Ask for either Quinn, Phoenix, Chris, Kelly, Kim, Sage, Vivian, Dakota, Jordan, Madison, or just look for the sexy spellcaster that really turns you on, while also making you feel really weird about it because you’re not exactly certain if you should be turned on or not.

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