*You begin in the walled large town of Bepni, which is on the western edge of the Kingdom.
*Adventurers are rare. People more look at you as they would any frontiersmen or explorer type.
*There is no adventure in town, or to the East of town. Bepni is almost on the SE corner of the map. The adventuring is to the north and the west.
*You are expected to publicly plan your excursions. This way people know that others are adventuring.
*You are expected to publicly share the results of your excursions. You don’t have to mention every little detail, but tell people where you were and what you fought at least…
*This setting is self motivated. Picture a really big version of the Isle of Dread where you can explore an area, map it out, find some cool stuff.
*This setting is a sandbox. You may find things that are far more powerful than you. You may have to run, or beg, or throw the halfling at it before running.

The Most Holy Basic D&D Sandbox Campaign

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